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Eating Disorders in KiwiLand

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Support for Kiwis caught in the grip of an eating disorder or other mental illness
This community's was made to offer support, advice and love to other Kiwis suffering from eating disorders and other life controlling issues, helping them get through their struggles and deal with their lives better.
I have taken the idea of this community from Kayla, I hope that no one is offended by it. She was an amazing woman and I still, and will always, hold her in the highest respects.

Please join, then fill out and post the following introduction:
location (optional):
five facts about you:
eating disorder:
brief history of your experience:
any treatment you have had:
recovery- y/n?
picture (optional):.

- You will not find 'tips' on how to become eating disordered. Go elsewhere if you are here looking for 'pro-ana'
- Place all images behind a cut please. If you don't know how to do a lj-cut, go to that LJ FAQ
- Be respectful to one another
- DO NOT ask for tips on how to purge, dieting advice etc.
- Do not post lists of your intake
- Do not make texts in your posts large, multi-colored, or visually obnoxious for other users.

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